Business Intelligence for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365 FO)

Actionable and flexible insights in company data

Plug and play data hub 

Microsoft’s latest ERP solutions integrate seamlessly with the Intelligence tools they offer. Within Power BI you will already find a number of reports and dashboards as standard. However, these are limited in the information you get out of them.


Where Business Intelligence really adds value to D365 is in combining different data sources and systems. This allows you to view results or events from multiple angles. ‘How should we adjust our machine so that we have less spoilage’. The answer to that question can lead to significant savings. 

Standaard Power BI voor Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX D365 FO, BC en Exact Globe

Standard Power BI dashboards, immediately available

VB-Airsuspension works with BI for Dynamics AX/D365FO

With Power BI you convert data from a complex structure into easy reports/dashboards. VB-Airsuspension is an innovative company in suspension systems for light commercial vehicles. Insights into their data provides them with a more efficient operational management. Watch the video for more information.

Data Warehouse solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Data Warehouse

A smart Business, start with solid Intelligence. The foundation of working smarter is the Data Warehouse. This is where data from various sources and systems come together and is structured in such a way that front-end solutions such as Power BI can easily read them out.

Power BI specialisten

Power BI for D365

With a solid base, it is easy to create a versatile front-end solution. Power BI looks great, but also works intuitively. This ensures that the adoption of Power BI is high and therefore many people can work on becoming a more successful company.

Microsoft Azure Analytics specialisten

Data Science & AI

The future is available with Azure Analytics. For example, use Machine Learning to quickly run through 20 years of data and discover the trends that can be seen in it. Predictive Analytics and Predictive Maintenance can subsequently also be used. Microsoft Azure Analytics stack offers all the capabilities for this.

From the traditional chart to insight into trends 

From data in the cloud to insight into concrete results

Business Intelligence is not just a tool. It is a strategy. By starting with the central question, ‘Why does something happen?’, you come to insights you didn’t see before. When you apply that to your own company, that question can be ‘Why is product 2034 still in the warehouse?’. With Business Intelligence you can quickly and easily see who purchased that product and at what time. In this way you quickly learn what the lead times of items are, which customers still have to pay and how much margin you ultimately have left over from an action you have taken. Try to see a matching margin from Dynamics after half a dozen of a certain item has been returned.

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