Business Intelligence and Analytics for construction companies

Track construction projects from signature to opening

Business Intelligence brings together data from different disciplines. This keeps you in control of the entire project. With BI you can see what could have been done better in the past, check how things are going now and ultimately see what the prediction of the current course is. From reporting, to analysis, to prediction. Our solution is optimized for every role within the company. In this way, every department has the insight into daily practice that is needed to improve processes.


BI helps you achieve these goals directly:.

  • Calculation becomes more efficient
  • Project monitoring visually comprehensible
  • More grip on equipment (Value, location, standards)
  • Per project further zoom in on details
  • Finance reporting fast, flexible and reliable
Hillstar standaard Power BI oplossingen

Track projects better

Do you know the progress of each project? By logging this centrally and reporting on it, you can be sure that the customer always receives a constant quality and the price matches it.

Improved delivery

Because BI provides insight into the entire production process and alerts you when a supplier threatens to deliver too late, your customer is better served. He gets his product on time!

Cost effective

Business Intelligence has a cost-saving effect on construction companies. This is because all kinds of processes become more efficient. For example, better capacity planning.

“Every person in the organization sees the data that is relevant to him or her”.

Laurens Potters, Controller

We work with 4PS Construct and keep track of our entire process. From sales to the construction projects we do. In the old situation we had to link a lot of Excel sheets and make graphs. Now we have data at hand at the push of a button and we have various dashboards for different roles. So everyone can select what they want to see and how they want to see it in Power BI!

  • Reporting takes much less time
  • There is much more flexibility in reporting possibilities
  • Cost savings through greater efficiency

Read the entire BI customer case

Provide each role within the company with relevant data


Data from different sources in a solution that is maintained and updated by our own IT department. This is how Hillstar’s of the shelf BI solution works. With 100+ standard reports, this is a very complete tool that can be used immediately after implementation.


The complete financial overview of your company, up-to-date and complete every day. With our Business Intelligence solution, you can see every day which debtors are in arrears, who you still have to pay yourself…

Supply Chain

How do you know if a process can be more efficient? At least not by letting the machines run without looking at the data. Maybe there would be a rising trend in production if you did something with the machine data.

Hillstar Power BI specialisten

What does your data look like in an interactive dashboard?

Watch our Power BI demo and experience how easy it is to understand data!

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Van der Pol Hillstar BI4Dynamics

With Business Intelligence from Hillstar, we have daily insight into the most important things, such as purchasing and sales, production and sales results. Now we can also see much better if we are on track to achieve our strategic goals. We track what’s been produced on a weekly basis and we can immediately adapt to the results.

Cups4you werkt met Business Intelligence voor Dynamics AX van Hillstar

We were looking for better information from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Business Intelligence enables us to be a lot more flexible by maneuvering and analyzing our data. For example, we can report ‘through time’. So comparing last month’s results with this month’s results. We used to have to change the whole report.

We see Business Intelligence as an opportunity to flexibly provide the unambiguous information needed to run the business. Not only for the monthly reporting, but also as part of our daily business operations. The strength of Business Intelligence is that it meets the information needs of the business.

About Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence can be seen more and more as an umbrella concept for Customer insights, Stock management and Supply Chain intelligence. This means that by choosing BI, you are choosing to give your entire company a boost. Whereas a financial department previously had a lot of use for these kinds of tools, the Production Manager now also has them. Because we already provide many dashboards as standard, we ensure a kickstart of your new production strategy based on Business Intelligence. In the end, you no longer have to intervene afterwards, but you are ahead of issues. Prepare yourself for the future.