Business Intelligence in Fizz: Champagne vs. Prosecco

Business Intelligence in Bubbels Champagne vs Prosecco

Business Intelligence in Fizz: Champagne vs. Prosecco

Chances are you are going to the supermarket or liquor store one of these days to get you a bottle of bubbles . The connoisseur knows exactly what he or she should buy. However, the majority simply purchases something that looks like a bottle of Champagne and thus leaves 2015 with a bang. But what about the numbers? What bubbly drink are you going to buy this year? Champagne vs. Prosecco.

From the search behavior on Google, we can deduce which drink will be sold best. Google provides the Trend-data publicly so it is available to anyone. So as a retailer you can benefit by that. This also means that you can edit and analyze the data. That way we come to understand more and more of what is coming rather than what has been.

Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX by Hillstar

By exporting data from Google Trends and deploy it to Power BI, you can run an analysis on what happens online and what results have been obtained. Power BI is a flexible tool that gives you very simple understanding of data. However, it is required that the input is already quite “clean”. That is why we are working with a semantic layer where your data is placed first before going on to the reporting and analysis step.

What you immediately see is that the popularity of Prosecco on Google grows. Worldwide Champagne remains the most searched on the internet, but in sales in the Netherlands they run quite similar. Champagne is often more expensive than Prosecco and the Italian Fizz gets consumed more in the summer than Champagne. So this beverage is sold throughout the year, while its French counterpart especially peaks at the end of the year.

Zoekvolume Prosecco

Here you see the search volume for ‘Prosecco’ Google has measured since 2004. It is clear that it is the most popular in Italy. In addition, the regional interest in the United Kingdom very large. Last year Prosecco sales rocketed to 89 million pounds more than Champagne. With Prosecco being the choice during weddings and other occasions Champagne moves further away from the market. So much of it was consumed that the Italian producers warned of a shortfall.

Here you see the sales of Champagne over the years. You will see that at the beginning of the crisis it took a slight dip in sales. That dip has recovered, but an increase compared to before the crisis did not occur. In short, the Champagne sales are stable. While Prosecco annually sells better than the year before by almost 10% .

Champagneverkoop door de jaren Hillstar

After seeing this data, you can reasonably predict what percentage will choose Prosecco or Champagne this year. Prosecco is often cheaper than Champagne, search volume is increasing every year. We can therefore conclude that there is a growing number of people that will choose for Prosecco this year.

At Hillstar the bottles of Prosecco are ready to be drunk, but this is perhaps due to the fact that we have a Sparkling Dude at the helm. We predict that about 55% of you choose for the Italian Fizz. Besides the price, also the taste is a bit sweeter. When besides bubbles questions start to rise about things like Power BI, Business Intelligence in general or Cortana Analytics, please fill in your details below. We will contact you to discuss which solution can answer your questions.

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