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Customer case KNGF

'With BI, we offer our members more relevance'

Business Intelligence voor Dynamics AX2012

How do you keep track of all your members? The answer lies, among other things, in data. KNGF has used BIRDS for more insight.

Quick insights

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX2012
  • More relevance for members
  • Better view on finance
  • Better performance in reports
  • Better connection between products and services
Why did you start with BI?

The Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) is an organisation with 19,000 members. There are a total of 30,000 physiotherapists in the Netherlands. As a physiotherapist, it is no longer a self-evident thing to become a member of an organisation such as the KNGF. That is why we constantly have to look for ways to offer relevance to our members. Insight into data helps us to do this.
What do you use Business Intelligence for?

In order to be as relevant as possible, it is important that you know what our members are concerned about. That's why we have an app and keep track of which pages on our website are viewed well. With all that information we know better when a member needs a specific product.

In addition to member statistics, we also use it for finance. It is very easy to do so, because we can now run reports on demand and no longer spend a lot of time linking all kinds of data sources.

'The power of BIRDS is that we have easily added multiple sources'.

Does the BI solution evolve with your organisation?

The strength of BIRDS is that after the implementation of the standard environment, we added multiple sources fairly easily. For example, the data from Google Analytics and the app data now also end up in the Data Warehouse, which means that we can now also use these data centrally.
What wishes are still existing within the organisation?

Actually, the search for relevance for the members is never finished. So we would like to add more sources to the Data Warehouse. This will eventually enable us to even share reports with them.

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We will be happy to show you and your colleagues how BIRDS works and explain immediately what benefits this brings to your organisation.
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