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Customer case VDR Bouwgroep

With Power BI for 4PS Construct, we have fast, enterprise-wide insight into processes.

Business Intelligence for 4PS Construct

Hillstar has developed a full BI environment for 4PS Construct in collaboration with 4PS.

Quick insights

  • BIRDS for 4PS Construct
  • Quick insight into acquisitions
  • Power BI also available for sales
  • Good view on projects
  • Financial management is easier
Which source do you use to feed Power BI?

We have chosen 4PS Construct as an ERP solution. In this solution we register all our processes. Our projects are of course included, so is the project budget. But we also keep track of our forecast. In this way we know when we can expect to receive and spend money. The registration of our data is thus secured and we know when we want to extract data from it. It is an enormous amount of data that has been documented in such a way that we can use it on a daily basis.
Why did you start working with Power BI?

Power BI has been on the market for a few years now. In the past we have, of course, looked at it regularly and followed courses in it. However, we found it difficult to visualise the data from the 4PS Construct environment in Power BI. That is why we came into contact with Hillstar and they provided us with their standard solution. They set up a database (Data Warehouse) between 4PS Construct and Power BI. This allows us to quickly and easily answer the questions we have based on the data.

'We were looking for a solution that suited both our company and our existing ICT solutions'.

How do you use Power BI at VDR Bouwgroep?

We had a lot of ad hoc reports that we had to make and distribute every week. We wanted all reports to be in one place and to be dynamic. For example, we make a list of all our acquisitions. That was more of a static list. We still want to see that same list, but it now appears in Power BI at the push of a button. We still make reports in Excel as a means of checking whether the data in Power BI is correct.
What has it brought you so far?

Power BI and the BI solution implemented by Hillstar have brought enormous efficiency gains. We have captured our data in a very solid way. The data quality that comes from 4PS Construct is good. We then look at the data in Power BI. The way in which we record and view our data is extremely efficient. As a result, we are able to keep our financial team at the same size and achieve a turnover of almost €100 million with the same team as 10 years ago.

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We give companies the ability to make better decisions based on data. We do this by using Microsoft technology and our turnkey BI solution BIRDS.
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