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Data Warehouse & Power BI

Get off to a flying start with ready-made reports in Power BI.
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BIRDS Datahub

The data warehouse (DWH) is actually the heart of your Business Intelligence solution. We extract the data from the existing databases of Microsoft Dynamics or Exact Globe, clean it up and supplement it. So when parts in the system are not filled in, they are still added and show up in the visualisation as blank.

Eventually, we can also import other databases into the data warehouse. In this way, we create a very detailed picture of your company in figures.

A major advantage is that data cannot be adjusted in the data warehouse. In this way, everyone works with the same numbers from just one system and you prevent people from having different numbers in front of them.
BIRDS features standaard Power BI voor Microsoft Dynamics en Exact Globe


  • One source of truth
  • Simply connect more data sources
  • Data quality easy to monitor
  • Performance of business applications does not suffer from reporting
  • Legacy data is always available

Why Power BI & a Data Warehouse

Within Power BI there are various possibilities to model data and make a visualisation of it. These work fine, until a more complex IT environment is created. When multiple ERP environments are running at different locations, all kinds of tooling is used for other operational processes and data from all kinds of solutions is dragged together, it becomes more difficult.

A Data Warehouse solution such as BIRDS ensures that data comes together in one place and is prepared for Power BI. This results in a number of advantages.

Each person concerned receives data

Where now often a few people are busy with reporting in Power BI, then anyone who benefits can work with it. BIRDS puts all the data ready in the Data Warehouse and the user simply indicates what he or she wants to see.

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Combining various data makes Power BI powerful. But only if the links have already been made and the user does not have to perform difficult queries. Therefore simply link sources in BIRDS.

Always quick reports

Are you going to link live data in Power BI? That will require processing power from both Power BI and the data source. BIRDS deploys the computing power even before it is needed in Power BI. In this way, both the data source and the Power BI report will continue to perform well.
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We give companies the ability to make better decisions based on data. We do this by using Microsoft technology and our turnkey BI solution BIRDS.
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