Microsoft Azure Analytics

Predictive Analytics with Azure Analytics

The tooling within Azure Analytics enables you to take the next step in BI!

What is Azure Analytics?

Microsoft Azure Analytics is Microsoft’s Analytics stack in the cloud. Within Azure you will find various solutions that help you to make data transparent. This can be traditional BI, but also complex predictive models. Such as a self-learning system that recognizes patterns. When you look at your business processes with Azure Machine Learning, for example, you can see that the system indicates lines that you have never seen before. By looking at the past, it is easier to extend the line. With this as a basis, a lot of applications become available.

Microsoft Azure Analytics | Modern Data Warehouse Architecture

Companies of the future know what is going on inside their premises, but also far beyond. They know what is happening now, but also what will happen next month. But how do you get this wisdom? The answer is to be found within existing data that tooling from the Azure Analytics stack reveals. Questions you can answer are, for example, ‘when do we need to schedule time to provide machine 9 service’ (Predictive Maintenance). Or ‘which article is going to sell well next week in the city of London?


There is a some level of certainty. You can never be 100% sure that the predicted result will come true. It’s not a crystal ball. But whether or not you can prepare for a peak in sales is where you can make a difference. The difference between winning over a competitor or lagging behind.

What is the position of Azure Analytics in the BI-spectrum?

Business Intelligence often starts with Business Analytics, in which case you look at the past and use that to take action. The next step in the BI-maturity ladder is looking at the ‘now’. You’ll want to combine data in order to gain a full reflection of the truth. At that moment, you are working with BI as it is intended. But you actually also want to know what will happen next week. Then Azure Analytics comes into view.

Business Intelligence Maturity Ladder in Cortana Analytics

Tooling within Azure Analytics

Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is a solution to integrate data from disparate sources. That can be on-premise sources and data from a source in the cloud. Transporting data from multiple sources is then quick and easy to the place you need it.

SQL Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Like the Data Factory, SQL Data Warehouse is a place where data is gathered. However, this is more suitable because of the Massive Parallel Processing architecture (MPP), which makes the SQL Data Warehouse ready for the workload of each company. In addition, relations between data and sources have already been established.

Machine Learning (ML) & Stream Analytics

Process large amounts of data and extract insights. That is where these solutions are good at. Machine Learning makes connections visible and you quickly see where change is needed. Stream Analytics shows you a continuous flow of data so it is immediately clear what’s happening. For example, is the temperature of a machine below level? Stream Analytics has integrated that into the rest of the Intelligence tooling.

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that displays the most business critical information at a glance. Monitor your company’s health with a live dashboard, create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and connect to your data with the native Power BI Mobile app. It’s easy, fast and cost effective!