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Hillstar is convinced that protection of personal data is essential for its activities. That is why we want to give you clear and transparent information in this privacy policy about how Hillstar processes personal data of customers and users of our software and visitors of our website(s).

Naturally, personal data of customers and users of apps and visitors of the website are handled and protected with the utmost care. In this respect Hillstar adheres to the applicable laws and regulations, including the Personal Data Protection Act. Responsible for data processing is Hillstar, Landjuweel 48, 3905 PH Veenendaal, The Netherlands. As the Personal Data Protection Act requires, the processing of personal data has been reported to the Supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


What we process your personal data for.

There are various purposes for which Hillstar collects and processes your personal data. As part of its services, Hillstar collects and processes personal information from you:

When you purchase products and / or services from Hillstar. This can be done via our website or Managed Services;

When you have contact with Hillstar. This contact can be made by telephone (whereby conversations can be monitored by the Sales team for training and quality purposes), but also if you approach us by email, fill in the contact form, use the chat function, take part in surveys, prize questions or research, use our (mobile) websites including apps, log in to your account, sign up for newsletters or approach us via social media;

For internal analysis for process improvement, the development of products and services and market research;

To keep customers/visitors informed of its (new) products and services, directly but also for example through campaigns via social media, whereby Hillstar tries to take  preferences based on purchased or purchased products and/or services and interests on based on the use of our (mobile) websites (including used apps) into account, with your permission.



Hillstar has its own newsletters. When you have given your permission to send a newsletter, it will be sent. You can always withdraw your consent by unsubscribing from the relevant newsletter in the unsubscribe link.

Your email address will also be used for sending information about (new) products and services by Hillstar if you have given permission for this. You can withdraw this consent at any time by using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail or by sending an e-mail to Hillstar, stating WBP, jochen@hillstar.nl

If you do not appreciate any information about (new) products or services, you can send an e-mail to us via jochen@hillstar.nl stating WBP.


Use of personal data by third parties.

Hillstar does not allow the use of personal data for commercial, charitable or ideal purposes by third parties.


Social Media.

Hillstar likes to communicate, through the web and (own) social media channels, with customers, users of software and visitors of the website about its organization, products and/or services. The goal is to provide useful and relevant information and/or answer questions that are made known through social media. Hillstar actively follows the internet and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Here Hillstar strives to follow discussions on these channels, to take part and/or to take a proactive approach and to answer individual, relevant questions and comments. Hillstar expressly reserves the right not to respond to any question or comment. Therefore, no right can be derived from whether or not to respond to content. It is possible that Hillstar will record (personal) data when participating in discussions and answering questions or responding to comments. These will of course be processed in accordance with this privacy policy. Hillstar is not responsible for the handling of personal data by other participants in its social media channels or the content on its social media channels. If you have questions or comments, you can contact Hillstar via jochen@hillstar.nl.


Use of cookies

Hillstar uses cookies when offering its services. This is a small, simple file with data that is either stored on the hard disk of your computer or in the session of your browser.
In the Cookie statement you read all about the use of cookies by Hillstar.


Websites by Hillstar and other websites

On Hillstar websites you will find a number of links to other websites. However, Hillstar can not accept any responsibility with regard to the handling of your data by these parties. Read the privacy statement, if any, of the site you are visiting.



If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy after reading, please contact:
Hillstar, in connection with the Marketing department, Landjuweel 48, 3905 PH Veenendaal or e-mail: jochen@hillstar.nl.


Reporting vulnerabilities​

Are you knowledgeable and did you discover a vulnerability in our systems? Then help us by reporting this vulnerability. This way we can improve the safety and reliability of our systems together.



Hillstar reserves the right to make changes to the privacy and cookie policy. We therefore advise you to regularly check on this page if changes have been made. If Hillstar makes an important change, which has consequences for the way in which Hillstar processes your personal data, we will make this known through an announcement on our website(s).


Veenendaal, 1st of april 2018