Business Intelligence and Analytics 

Business Intelligence and Analytics bring insights in processes, trends and developing results

A large dataset is valuable. However, that will only be after you see exactly what that data means. Hillstar’s standard BI solution quickly gives you the insight you need to improve processes on a daily basis.


Hillstar’s mission is to help companies by letting them learn from their own data. Answers to questions are often hidden in sales figures, stock information or for example, web data. By converting those numbers into charts, lines or maps with heat maps, you immediately see where action is needed.

BI for Finance

Control of costs and revenues. Business Intelligence ensures that you see reliable dashboards that show where action is needed. What-if analysis, comparisons and multi-company data in an instant.

BI for sales

Which customer is about to leave you? What products are currently needed? And what will you sell next month? Just a few questions from the sales manager to which Business Intelligence has an answer.

BI for IT

Because our BI solution runs entirely within the Microsoft stack, performance is no problem. Our framework ensures that you are not dependent on expensive consultants and can make adjustments yourself.

‘All versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX in one place’

Herman Rikken, Manager Business Control

There are several versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX active at Brink Towing. The data is now brought together and linked to each other. In addition, all data is now accessible and there are dashboards for production, finance and, for example, logistics.

  • Speed and flexibility in reporting
  • Look at data from multiple angles
  • Improved efficiency in every department

Business Intelligence services


Hillstar provides a standard BI solution that is implemented by our consultants. The implementation consists of a technical part and a piece of training to promote user adoption.


Our BI consultants are specialized in creating action-oriented dashboards. New questions often arise after starting with reporting and dashboarding. We work pragmatically & purposefully!


Need a BI specialist in the department for a longer period of time? That’s possible! A consultant on a permanent basis who ensures that the reporting needs are met. Consider, for example, Power BI secondment.

Managed services

The management of an SQL environment requires a specific approach. Performance and reliability play an important role. The Managed Services department from Hillstar has the knowledge and ablilty to fulfill this role.

Give color to your data

Business Intelligence Maturity Ladder in Cortana Analytics

Business Intelligence maturity phases


The beginning of Business Intelligence is actually the traditional list, but in a multidimensional view. Where you previously looked at the stock level of a specific item, BI enables you to see what developments have taken place in recent months. “Hey, our private label items have been selling a lot better in recent months,” is what you can then begin to recognize.


The next step in the BI journey is that you zoom in further on “the now”. There you pick up the observation from the past and you analyze data to find out why a result is as it is. Because you can combine multiple sources with Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, it becomes clear how much has been spent on marketing and sales, for example, and you can see what the margin was on the products. In one overview.

Future (Predictive Analytics)

By analyzing the past, you discover how results are influenced. You can then say with some certainty what will happen in the (near) future. Within Azure, Microsoft provides Machine Learning, among other things, that recognizes patterns in datasets and introduces a predictive line in them with Predictive Analytics. This software now runs with a number of users and provides many new insights.

BI Software

At Hillstar we work exclusively with Microsoft products. These products are all related to each other and connect easily. Because this tooling is often already present at your company, it also provides a cost-effective solution. Data from ERP, CRM, WMS or, for example, a tracking system for logistics are combined and brought together into one source of truth. With Power BI, Excel, Sharepoint and SQL Server you have many powerful resources for a successful BI solution.