When you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), you probably often feel like your reports are not what you expected. The information you would have wanted to see is not in there and your collegeas have different numbers and figures than you have. You are in need of a flexibel and reliable way to do that.

Hillstar has a solution that solves that problem for you. Primarily we make sure that all the data from your Dynamics NAV-environment is transferred into a separate database. You could think of it as a overarching layer, that transforms data from the source system into usable information. Such a ‘data warehouse’ (DWH) gives you the opportunity to connect other datasources to the data from Dynamics NAV. We for example have made data from machines load into the data warehouse. That is a very useful feature, because then you can see which machine is not working properly or efficiently. We can also import data from customer counters. A very simple way to see how many of the people that enter a shop, also really buy something.

We have chosen for a uniform setup, which enables us to quickly reach a result. With the toolbox that is also included in our solution, you are able to integrate customized fields. So no more expensive custom made projects, but almost just plug and play. Our solution is suitable for Microsoft Dynamics Navision 3, NAV 3.7, 4, 5, NAV2009, NAV2013 and NAV2013R2.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Data from Dynamics NAV is stored structured, supplemented and cleaned up in a data warehouse

Users are able to analyse information and report that in a flexible way

Now you can show leadership skills. The acquired knowledge enables you to determine the correct direction of the company

Intelligence gets the place it deserves, with BI4Dynamics NAV

Areas of application in BI4Dynamics NAV

General ledger

Account schedules


Sales orders history


Purchase orders history




Jobs and Resources


Service Management

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