Data Warehouse & Power BI

The data warehouse (DWH) is actually the heart of your Business Intelligence solution. We take data from your existing databases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX, clean it and complement it. So when some fields are not filled, they appear immediately and the responsible employee can make sure there will be data in the future.

Eventually we can also load other databases into the data warehouse. That way we create a comprehensive view of your company in numbers.

A big advantage is that data can not be adapted in the data warehouse by people that are not allowed to do so. We make sure everyone works with numbers that originate from one single point of truth. That way you prevent that users see different numbers in reports.

See how Tony’s Chocolonely works with our Data Warehouse solution!

“We can build solidly on our KPIs from the OLAP cubes.”

Standaard Power BI voor Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX D365 FO, BC en Exact Globe

Advantages of working with a Data Warehouse

  • One source of truth
  • Simply connect more data sources
  • Data quality easy to monitor
  • Performance business applications do not suffer from reporting
  • Legacy data always available

Data Warehouse & Power BI

For most financial controllers slicing and dicing is very important. Our BI solution collects all data in one place and hands it over to Power BI in a tabular model. That enables you to slice through different areas of application.


For instance when you want to know how many products you sold last month in France, you can easily walk through the ‘sales’.


So the reporting tool you use retrieves its data from the central data hub. In this way you can use Power BI to display data. At the same time, you can interactively display other measurements and dimensions in your current report.