Microsoft Reporting Tools

What company does not work with Excel? We don’t know many. On almost every financial department people know how to work with Microsoft Excel and make reports in it. When we have implemented BI4Dynamics , reporting is made easy and reliable still. If you are not authorized, you can not modify anything in a report. Excel only functions as a reporting tool. It shows data directly from the data warehouse.

The term ‘Add-in’ in general is not seen as something positive. That is why we made our solution completely free of add-ins. That guarantees the speed. This makes Excel a very reliable, cheap and fast system.

It doesn’t matter which version of Sharepoint you use. The combination with BI4Dynamics is always successful. Our profound knowledge of the Microsoft Stack, enables us always to deliver the best solution. So all users of your Sharepoint environment can make use of the advantages of BI4Dynamics.

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