We show you what your data is telling you. By taking action with those insights, companies improve every day. That way a company, a person and processes improve constantly. Everyday a little further, better, higher!

Our vision

The goal to transform data into actionable insights leads to improvement. The transformation of data is an ongoing process. Hillstar is your partner in monitoring that process and improving the way your data reaches people in the organization. That way you get the most out of your data and are you able to change a company.

We like progress. With our Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions you’re enabled to take new steps and be better than yesterday.

Team van BI-specialisten & Power BI experts Hillstar
Business Intelligence specialist Hillstar wint Onderneming van het jaar 2016

Team of BI specialists

Sharing knowledge and learning are in the core of our company. We are more than just a team of BI techies. Our people are enthusiastic about the dashboards they deliver. Our in house knowledge sessions fuel the enthusiasm and ensure the transfer of information among colleagues. That way everybody is up to date with the latest and greatest in Business Intelligence.

You never stop learning. That is the foundation under Business Intelligence. When you have reached a certain goal, you always look to the next one.